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Click here to see the video of Joe addressing the Ramapo Planning Board on the issue of Patrick Farm.

Legislator Meyers addresses the crowd at a rally to stop the Stadium.
Click here to see the video of Joe addressing the crowd.

More pictures from the Rally:


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Welcome to my website. Here I believe you will find a wide variety of information of concern to residents of the 12th Legislative District as well as the residents of Ramapo and all of Rockland.

As a County Legislator I am committed to tackling the difficult issues facing our local communities in Airmont, Chestnut Ridge and Suffern represented by me in the County Legislature as well as the broader issues facing Ramapo and Rockland County.

I hope you will use this website as a resource guide to some of the important issues facing Rockland County. Please follow the links to join my e-mail list to receive regular messages directly from me regarding events and issues of concern to our communities. You can also click on the link to view the most recent entries in my up-to-date blog and send me an e-mail with your thoughts and ideas.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you as your County Legislator.


Joe Meyers


Battles Brew Over Redistricting
(2011-03-10 The Rockland County Times)

county Legislator Joe Meyers and the Preserve Ramapo movement made a show of force at last week's March 2 county redistricting hearing in Ramapo.   Read More...

New Square slaughterhouse issue is far from over
(2010-07-28 The Journal News)

The consent agreement that effectively ends the slaughter of chickens at a controversial and unsanitary plant in New Square is a positive development, but it's just the beginning. ....

Time to block new slaughterhouse
(2010-07-26 The Journal News)

Now that the federal government has forced the permanent closure of the existing New Square chicken slaughterhouse after many health and safety violations as well as the failure of the owners to submit to state and federal oversight requirements, it is time to close the loop by preventing the same owners from building a much larger slaughterhouse now under consideration by the Village of New Square. ....

Rockland plans to start mosquito fight
(2010-06-12 The Journal News)

RAMAPO The short reprieve local mosquitoes received because of county budget problems and a fight over who should bear responsibility for treating storm drains with larvicide is about to end. ....

Has Rockland finally swatted mosquito debate?
(2010-06-06 The Journal News)

For the second time in two years, Rockland County has quashed plans to stick towns and villages with the cost of a key part of mosquito prevention. It is welcome news that the Rockland County Legislature and county executive have come up with $100,000 to ensure the county's catch-basins are treated with larvicide. The question is, what about next year? ....

Rockland, towns at odds over mosquitoes
(2010-06-01 The Journal News)

The mosquito season has started in Rockland amid a standoff between county and town governments over plans to reduce the number of insects, with one community tentatively agreeing to pay county workers $50 per hour on weekends to drop larvicide tablets into storm drains. ....

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